Pago Finca Elez is nestled in the municipality of El Bonillo close to the Sierra de Alcaraz. Within the estate, the ​Spanish Juniper ​tree (millennial, indigenous and protected) grows. This area has one of the highest concentrations of ​Spanish Junipers w​hich are best conserved in Spain, some of these which are centennial species.

A land of aromas
The ​Spanish Juniper​ emits a characteristic aroma. An aroma that is capable of being conserved in its wood that used to be used in the construction of the smaller estate houses of the region. Aromatic herbs are also distinctive to this region such as rosemary, thyme and marjoram.

In the proximity of the Lagunas de Ruidera
Pago Finca Élez is located 18 kilometers from the Parque Natural de Lagunas de Ruidera, a place of great beauty, made up of a complex lagoon system made up of fifteen lagoons, which are the birthplace of the Guadiana River. In the rainy season, the fifteen lagoons overflow, flooding each other, forming beautiful waterfalls.

It is a place of great scenic value and with a diversity of environments. A space to discover without haste, enjoy its lagoons, with transparent waters and an intense turquoise blue color.

“Pago wines in lands of centennial ​sabinas”

Our Enotourism proposal
When you come to Pago Finca Élez, you will have the opportunity to visit our vineyards and a small, but charming winery. An ideal environment to see first-hand the entire process of our winemaking: the characteristic features of our vineyards, how we harvest and the entire subsequent phase of fermentation and aging.

We will show you the storage area where our barrels rest to taste our wines, the true stars of your visit.

Zero Mile Food & Wine Pairing
We also offer you the option of a complete wine taster, enjoying the flavors offered by the traditional cuisine of the area, authentic and sustainable “zero mile”. A cuisine that in its origin is austere and poor, but which has managed to obtain, from the few products originating from the land, wonderful dishes, among which are ​los gazpachos, las migas ruleras, las gachas, el lomo de orza ​and​ las costillas de orza, perdices en escabeche, los mojetes.​..