"Conditions that forge different wines".

Within the spanish territory,​ the highest qualification and label a wine can receive is Pago​. Pago qualification is received by an elite group of wines that have a distinct formation due to geographical factors such as soil and climate that make them unique. When we talk about Pago wine we are talking about possibly, the most exclusive and different types of wine that receive special geographical attention. They also receive this qualification to protect and preserve both the formation and elaboration of these wines, as well as the land. This also preserves and maintains the quality of the wine and further improves it for future cycles.

“Conditions that forge different types of wine”

Más taninos
Limited and controlled estate production
Our wines are uniquely elaborated, using exclusive grapes from our 38.9 hectares of vineyards cultivated in the Pago Finca Elez.
Más taninos
Less quantity, more quality
At Pago Finca Elez we practice viticulture that limits production per hectare, producing less, but ensuring higher quality of the grapes.
Más taninos
Our own Winery
All our wines are elaborated in our winery, that is found in the heart of Pago Finca Elez and surrounded by our own vineyards. Our ideal conditions facilitate the handling of our crop, and permits us to control the entire process of elaboration, from the vine to the winery.

Our high-altitude

The wine is born from the grape, due to this, some of the aspects such as the altitude at which the vines are cultivated are fundamental to the final result. Our vineyards can be found at an altitude of 1080 metres meaning better and more solar radiation. Moreover, there is significant thermal variety that can have 20 degree changes during the months of growth and ripening of the grape.

Más taninos
The fine tannins of our red wine
In these conditions, the ripening speed is slowed down and prolonged from which more grains are obtained that are more resistant, smaller and with a higher proportion of skin than pulp. Altitude and calcareous soils contribute to a higher content of finer tannins, a fundamental feature of our red wines.
Más taninos
Altitude adds Acidity
Altitude adds a refreshing effect that increments the index of acidity thanks to the thermal variations.
Más taninos
Ideal for Barrel Aging ​(Crianza en Barrica)
Wines that come from these grapes offer a great variety of colour, amplitude, distinct aromas and a great complexity. Also, they are much better adapted for barrel aging due to their higher acidity and proportion of tannins.

“Altitude, extreme climate and poor soils, ideal conditions for the accumulation of aromas and flavours.”

El Terruño

The terrain on which the vines are planted (“​el Terruño​”), we find an altitude and climate where the grapes are cultivated that are fundamental to the final result.

The vineyards of Pago Finca Elez are situated on a landscape that joins distinct features with a microclimate that makes it unique. Aspects which add to our grapes characteristics that are very particular making them different from others in their surroundings.

Poor soils​ that are superficial, stony, shallow, limestoned and well drained that regulate well the vegetation of the vines, produce low yields.

An extreme climate, with icy winters and hot summers, poor rainfall and intense periods of drought. This leads to high thermal variations, that topple 20 degrees between night and day, during the ripening of the grape.

Vines in land of Spanish junipers, ​a protected tree that is only found in extreme climates and land that is biologically distinctive. In the area can also be found aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme and marjoram.

done with
great care

We cultivate our grapes and elaborate all the wines in our own winery. This permits us the control of the whole process, from the field to the bottling.

In the field, we control the tillage, treatments and fertilising. Furthermore, we apply a strategy of controlled irrigation. On the whole, viticulture orientated in guaranteeing the maximum quality of grapes that we produce.

We recollect the grapes at the optimum moment. If the grape does not reach the winery in the best conditions, we stop the harvest and continue on another day. We harvest in small batches to avoid undesired fermentations. We always prefer to invest more time in the process, therefore making sure that the grape reaches us in the healthiest and quickest way to the winery.

In the winery, we practice traditional oenology that is orientated in preserving the quality of our primary material - our grapes.

We limit our production to obtain high quality wines, that reflect the unique characteristics of our ​Terruño,​ Pago Finca Elez.

“High quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of our ​Terruño​, Pago Finca Elez.”