Red Wines Box


3 bottles x 0,75L
With our Syrah, we have the expression and adaptation of the noble variety of the Rhone in a limestone mineral soil combined with high altitude. We are fascinated by the behavior of the plant with a fresh fruit and noble tannin that differentiates it from any other place: freshness, verticality with a very promising aging and evolution in the future.

The adaptation of our Cencibel in the landscape of the estate takes us to a more exquisite and unmistakable mineral vision, all the nobility of this variety in a magical terroir between plant and soil. The top of the selection of the best grapes with an elegant and stately treatment in the cellar.

Finca Élez

This blend, made from Cencibel, Syrah and Merlot varieties, is the first representative red wine of the winery’s new era. Marked by the unmistakable style of our winemakers, with the aim that the terroir (soil, vineyard, elegant viticulture and altitude) is represented in the wine.
This wine surprises for its subtlety and elegance and highlights the complexity of each variety assembled to define this unique estate in a single wine.”